Risk Management

Yellow Line Productions Inc

Risk Management Policy Statement

Yellow Line Productions is committed to doing everything we can to provide an environment within which we can all work creatively, communicatively, collaboratively, safely, positively and happily. We want a Yellow Line Productions experience to be one in which all involved find a strong sense of team, of ownership, belonging, safety and fulfilment.

Our aim is to work closely with all our contributors to assess and prevent injury to people and damage to property.

In short – The safety of all is the concern of all.

Yellow Line Productions Inc has a Certificate of Currency issued on behalf of Allianz Australia Insurance Limited for Public (General and Products) Liability Insurance for $30,000,000 cover, current until 12 October 2021. Policy Number: 71 0182031 LCP. The named insurer is Duck for Cover Entertainers Group Inc, with Canterbury-Bankstown Council mentioned as an interested party.

YLP Inc is committed to ensuring that we work well within the Risk Management policies and procedures of our hired rehearsal and performance spaces, and thus to promote an environment within which:

-potential risks are identified

-potentials risks are communicated

-all possible measures are taken to minimise and prevent such risks

-all contributors are encouraged to report issues, raise concerns, ask questions and make comments related to identified issues of physical, mental and personal safety involving themselves or others in the group.

Our 2021 production of ‘Bakery Hill – An Australian Rebellion’ is being auditioned, rehearsed and performed in ‘The Bryan Brown Theatre and Function Centre’ in Bankstown, under the auspices of the Canterbury-Bankstown Council. The Risk Management document specific to the Bryan Brown Theatre can be found here. All contributors to our 2021 production are encouraged to read through this document.

Our policy on Risk Management sits alongside the YLP and the Bryan Brown Theatre procedural documentation on COVID 19 Safety. The relevant documentation specific to COVID safety practices can be found as a drop down heading under ‘Bakery Hill’ on the Yellow Line Theatre website.

As of March 5, singing, although regulations are easing, is clearly still an issue in terms of COVID regulations and the way we manage larger groups inside the rehearsal space, and then potentially on to performances. We are allowed 30 singers inside the rehearsal space at this point. We will not exceed this. The use of masks and particular smaller groupings and distancing during rehearsals that involve singing will allow us to conduct these rehearsals safely but still relatively effectively.

As of early February, 2021, Yellow Line Productions and Yellow Line Theatre are both registered as COVID Safe Businesses with the NSW Government.

Yellow Line Productions is all about creating, producing, casting, rehearsing, preparing and performing shows in front of audiences in professional venues. We know that this process inevitably involves a large number of volunteer contributors and paid contractors, and too a small degree of potential risk at all stages of this process. We can, and must, all work together to reduce and prevent such risks.

In order to better manage potential risks, YLP has a Risk Management Officer, whose role is to oversee risk management during the production by working communicatively, collaboratively, calmly and closely with the venue and with all volunteers and paid workers at all stages of the process. The Risk Management Officer will regularly discuss issues with representatives of the theatre and communicate with all involved any potential risks identified and measures necessary to minimise and prevent such risks.

Yellow Line Productions’ Risk Management Officer, for the production of ‘Bakery Hill- An Australian Rebellion’ is:

Russell Tredinnick



He will raise relevant issues with all contributors in a timely manner and can be approached about all issues related to the physical, mental and personal safety of all, and to any grievances or disagreements that may occur. 

He will work closely too on this current production with our COVID 19 Safety Officer, Claire Miller, and her assistant during many of the rehearsals, Bec Blackwell.

Our COVID Safety Policy is provided as a link too on our website and will be communicated as reminders throughout the process.

Our productions are all about our people. We want their experience to be positive and safe. We will work hard to ensure this is the case. We ask everyone to work with us to:

-follow any YLP and Bryan Brown Theatre directives regarding the use of their spaces and of all props and equipment within these spaces

-consider and respect the personal and mental safety of all involved

-be awake to and aware of, and report, any safety issues or potential issues, involving ourselves or others, that may arise in the course of rehearsals and preparations for performance

-do everything you can to ensure a positive and safe experience for all

-be calm, and kind and safe in your dealings with others

-be on time – ensure to let us know if you are unavailable or will be late for any sessions

-be prepared

-give us your best

Yellow Line Productions, in turn, promises to do the same.

Your support with all of this is appreciated and will make for a safe, enjoyable, enriching experience for all.