Our Structure and Mission

Yellow Line Productions is a Not-For-Profit Association, Incorporated and Registered in December 2019. Its members are committed to telling original Australian stories. We believe that sharing our stories in a musically creative context is the ultimate expression of our connections with each other and with our culture.

We are committed to working with Australians of all backgrounds to tell Australian stories of all kinds to Australian audiences of all ages.

And surely the telling of our own stories is us at our best. It is how we come to appreciate and understand who we are and what our place is in our history and in our world.

Yellow Line Theatre, as a Business, has been running since early 2019, and is our education program, particularly for ages 10 to 16, through which we strive to develop skills, confidence and teamwork to empower young creative individuals to become part of the process of creating original stories for the stage.