Our Philosophy

What we do –
And how and why we do it.

The Performing Arts is good for us. There is much research about the incredible importance of the Arts in the education of our young people and about its cognitive, social, physical and emotional benefits. An education in the Performing Arts is an education of the heart and the mind, of the spirit and of the intellect, of the emotions, of the body and of the senses. And it’s fun.

We at Yellow Line Theatre celebrate all of this thinking in the way we run our classes and in the way we tell our stories. For the development of each student at their own rate and the telling of our own original Australian stories is what we are all about. We don’t just want our students to be in plays and drama activities, but we want them to be involved, with us, in the entire process of devising, developing, writing, preparing and performing our own stories; narratives that explore issues and ideas that are important to our students.

And the telling of stories is surely the ultimate expression of our connection to our culture. It is us at our best. And it is through telling our own stories that we come to appreciate and understand who we are and what our place is in our history and in our world.

Becoming involved in Yellow line Theatre ensures one of an experience in the joy, beauty, strength and communicative power of telling original stories; and in the selfless sense of team, belonging, connectedness and collaborative confidence that comes in bucket loads through such an opportunity as group theatre.

A Yellow Line Theatre experience is a rich, affordable and unique learning experience that combines:  

-the group development of original narratives from initial brainstorming of ideas through to on stage performance in front of an audience

-the development of skills and knowledge in building, rehearsing and producing a piece of theatre

-the personal growth that comes with applying discipline, commitment, energy, teamwork and focus to an activity that challenges and excites us. For it is in such rich learning as this that we change and become the best versions of ourselves.

A Yellow Line Theatre learning experience incorporates the use of our 7Cs, Ds and Ps to bring out the best in each of our students and in all of our performances.

The 7Cs, 7Ds and 7Ps are given some detail below:

Theatre is an adventure, an exciting and challenging journey, through which we together sail upon the 7Cs of skill development. A deliberate aim of Yellow Line Theatre is to promote and encourage the development of the following skills in each of our students, at their own unique rate:

-Communication -Commitment

-Collaboration -Calm confidence

-Connectedness -Creative thinking


We develop and produce our own original theatrical pieces and Musical Theatre pieces, from scratch, through to performance, through our process of play building using the 7Ds, through which we all:

-Devise, brainstorm and develop ideas for our own stories

-Draft and re draft original scripts and songs

-Define roles in the production process including lights, sound, sets etc  

-Develop thinking around and understanding of setting, story structure, character, staging, costumes and of theatre/drama elements including voice, movement, audience engagement and stagecraft  

-Depict and commit to character (for characters tell stories)

-Direct and are directed through rehearsals and Discuss, edit, reflect and make changes as needed

-Demonstrate focus, energy, audience awareness and teamwork during the entire process through to performance

Important to what we do at all times are the 7Ps of Yellow Line Production, where premium preparation leads to polished performance through:

-Planning and Preparation

-Play building Process

-Participation and commitment by all students to the process in roles suited to their level of skill, confidence, experience and interest

-Perseverance and positivity with each other and within the process at all times

-Partnerships and relationships

-Principles and procedures

-Performance skills and drama/theatre elements