Creative Credits

Wayne Price

One of the songs in ‘Bakery Hill – An Australian Rebellion’ is called ‘Please Stop Walking’. The original lyrics for this song were written some years ago by Mr Wayne Price, an old, and dear, friend to James and me. He is a wonderful human being, a deep thinker and an extraordinary poet. The lyrics to this one song, which we have done our best to adapt for the show, are typical of Wayne’s poetry. He has this incredible way of succinctly getting straight to the heart of the issue without feeling the need to resort to big words or unnecessary conventions. 

His writing is beautiful, emotional, soulful, musical. 

We are grateful to Wayne for his words and his generous spirit and we very much look forward to working with him on future projects where his lyrics will help to bring emotional depth to our stories. Wayne will be at the show on Saturday afternoon. We are proud to have him with us. 

Russell Tredinnick

I’ve known Wayne Price my entire life. Growing up, no small amount of the music I heard was written by my Dad, and Wayne’s lyrics were often attached. I always enjoyed his songwriting, but it was only when I got older and turned my own hand to writing lyrics that I was able to appreciate just how brilliant his work really is; he’s not just a lyricist, he’s a storyteller. He is able to shape words in such a way that they’re beautifully poetic, and yet surprisingly familiar. He writes songs to which we can all relate, regardless of our backgrounds. He has an incredible gift for making the ordinary extraordinary, and for conveying the depths of human emotion in only a short phrase. His lyrics are the benchmark by which I measure my own, and I doubt I shall ever match, let alone surpass them. He is a phenomenal songwriter, a remarkable person, and a constant source of inspiration. 

James Tredinnick